Live from Phoenix, AZ

So back in March, I flew out to Phoenix to headline a party out there. The promoters booked me to play one of my classic hard dance sets. Now obviously hard dance isn’t really my main thing these days, but those of you who remember me from the old muni days, will remember that hard house and nrg are what made me popular in the first place. Anyway, it was freakin awesome! More than a thousand people show up in at this place in the desert outside phoenix, I play prime time for 2 hours. The crowd was great and they were really in to it. They made me feel right at home. 

So my set from that night is now episodes 15 & 16 of the dancecast. If you don’t subscribe already, its free. Head over to and click podcast for subscription options or head to the music section for manual download. 


1. Elastique Culture – You [Dj Scot Project Remix]
2. Kai Tracid – Too Many Times [Energy Mix]
3. Voodoo & Serano – Blood is Pumpin [Club Mix]
4. Tube-Tech – Riders On The Storm [Original Mix]
5. Soft Cell – Tainted Love [Hardstyle Mix One]
6. Soft Cell – Tainted Love [Hardstyle Mix Two]
7. Radium – Ruler of the Breaks [Hardstyle Pimp]
8. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit [House Spirit Mix]
9. BK – Bad Ass [3am Mix]
10. Michael Jackson – Beat It [Hard House Mix]
11. Lock n Load vs. WildChild – Blow Your Mind vs. Renegade Master
12. Lock N Load – Blow Ya Mind [DJ Zany Remix]
13. Ferry Corsten – Punk [Hard House Mix]
14. ATB – 9pm Till I Come [Hardstyle Mix]
15. Radium – You’re No Good for Me [Hardstyle Pimp]
16. Warp Brothers – On a Trip
17. Spacecorn vs. Artificial – Inside of Me [Murder Mix]
18. MDM – Mash It Up [Matt Darey Hard on Mix]
19. Black Spider – Save Your Life [Warp Brother Remix]
20. Avancada – Money for Nothing [Overdrive]
21. ASYS – No More Rock n Roll
22. Miss Lisa – Crawling
23. Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire [LCF Mix]
24. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams [Full Vox Mix]
25. Da Tekno Warriors – Pump Up Da Bass

So if you been to the blog in the past, then you know that it pretty much sucked. I roped in my good friend and web designer Steve of the Hatter’s Workshop to put together a proper blog for me. Its under construction, but it works. So welcome and enjoy!

Daddy Charles

I just wanted let everyone know that my father has taken to calling himself “Daddy Charles.” He decided several days before the Hartford gig that this is what he wants to be referred to as. Turns out, it went over big in Hartford and the name has most recently won the approval stamp of Randy Boyer.

Speaking of Hartford, it was awesome. Room 960 is a nice place, and there were good tunes all night. Photographer Mikey McNulty even got this totally rockin shot of me spinning. You can see all the pics from that night here.

In other news, Episode 11 is posted. This is the mix that I did for Randy’s KISS 95.7 radio show, so if you missed the original airing of it, you can download it now.