I just wanted to put that one out there, since I still get asked on a semi-regular basis. Seems like where ever i go there is always that 1 dude [or dudette] who asks. The convo will always go something like this:

Dude: Hey man that was a great set, what your name?

MC: Mike Charles, nice to meet you.

Dude: Mike Charles… Yeah man that rocked, so what is your DJ Name?

MC: It’s Mike Charles.

Three Red Lights

In late June or early July my Xbox 360 started acting funny and then I got one red light and an error code. Microsoft shipped me a coffin and I shipped my xbox out for repair. After about a month I got my Xbox back and it worked just fine… until yesterday.

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Project 001

I’m currently working on my first track. Like most things I do, I don’t name it till the end, so right now it is being referred to as “Project 001.” I’m not really sure how to classify what it is that I’m working on, as it keeps changing w/ each incarnation. I can tell you its house-like, assertive, and bit ethereal. More on this one as it develops.

How Serato change my DJ life

     I bet that title got your attention! Anybody who’d ever seen me play before 2008 would be able to tell you that I was a vinyl diehard. I would say that starting in maybe 2005 [after we closed, and I lost my DJ home] I started becoming a bit more interested in methods of DJing other than the traditional vinyl + turntable.

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DanceCast Episode 17

Episode 17 of The Electronic DanceCast is now availabe. The mix is third one I’ve done for Randy Boyer’s radio show “Buzz”. It originally aired 07/19/08 on KISS 95.7 out of Hartford, CT.

If anyone is reading this, please leave a review in iTunes. There is candy in it for you.

Duration: 51:56

1. Brother Brown – Under The Water [Staircase Remix]
2. Matthew Adams – No More Anymore [Elusive Remix]
3. Allexinno – Sunrise 5 AM [Original Mix] 
4. Butch – On The Line [Oxia Remix]
5. Eiffel 65 – Blue [Dub Mix]
6. Gui Boratto – Mr. Decay [Robert Babicz Universum Disco Mix]
7. Darren Mase & Dirty Flavor – Dirty Playroom [Instrumental Mix]
8. Prodigy – Breathe [2005 House Mix]
9. Felix Da Housecat – Like Something 4 Porno [Original Mix]

Head over to the music section of mikecharles.net to download the mix, or go to the podcast page to subscribe.

Headlining Phoenix

So I never did tell you about the Phoenix gig huh? Well, better late than never. Let me try to explain was headlining an AZ party is like. You’ll be hanging out in your hotel, preparing, going thru all your records and just getting ready for the night ahead. Then you’ll get a call say that someone will be by shortly, to pick you up. Sounds pretty standard right? Well this is where the experience becomes uniquely Phoenix. After being picked up it usually takes between 2 and 3 hours to get to the party. These things are done out in the desert, far from civilization. You realize pretty quickly that you’re not in Kansas anymore. More than 1000 people usually come dressed the part for the evening. It reminds me of the larger sized raves that we used to have here on the east coast in the late 90s.


Ok so now that you have a mental picture, on to the party. On that night, I was on from 12 – 2. I was told before hand that the AZ party people liked there music hard, so I had an idea of what to expect. As I’m sure you’ve hear in episode 15 of the DanceCast, I started off hard and never really let up. Every crowd is different, and on this night Hard Dance was where it was at for myself and the crowd. Unfortunately the stage was ground level, so I couldn’t see exactly how many people I was playing to, but I was told [and later confirmed for myself] that it was a sea of people that went from the stage back about 150 feet. Phoenix partiers sure know how to bring energy to a party, and I fed off it all night. For 2 solid hours we had a lot of fun. I one point I even ran into a problem because of it. You see, that many people dancing and pounding the desert ground kicks up quite a lot of dust and dirt, and naturally, it all collects on the surface of my vinyl! I have a picture I’ll have to upload of how trashed my Serato vinyl control records we after the show. I had to go out and buy a new pair after that gig. It was a small price to pay for a fantastic night. The promoters were great to me, and most importantly the crowd came to party. I was happy to deliver for them. I had a great time out in the desert and hope to be back soon. Thank you Phoenix.