The Philadelphia Experiment

So the other day I was checking out the Wikipedia and reading about one of my new favorite topics, Time Dilation. Yeah so I’m a nerd, whatever. Anyway, while checking out wiki articles related to einsteinian time travel, I stumbled across this gem, the Philadelphia Experiment. Its got a little bit of everything, top secret navy project, government cover up, and even alleged teleportation. Its a decent read if you have time to waste, which odds are you do if you read this blog.

Part 2, DJing Digitally

So we already talked briefly about the benefits of DJing digitally. First is the actual cost of new music, which is much lower when you purchase digitally, rather than physically, because there is less overhead. Second is portability. I now carry 500+ tracks to every gig I play. I used to carry 2 record crates that combined carried 100 – 120 records. Oh and btw they were a lot heavier.

I’ve also come up against some downsides. Read more