April Gigs…

4/04/09 – This Saturday is the University of Rhode Island’s annual electronic event Dance Till Dawn. This year DTD8 features plenty of heavy hitters and local favorites, and for the first time it includes yours truly, Mike Charles. In an interesting twist, I’ve been tapped to play Dubstep at the event, which I’m really excited about. This is going to give me a chance showcase my lesser know love for the Dubstep. Its open to the public, email me for more details.


4/25/09 – This time last year, Randy Boyer, Kristina Sky, and myself got together for a little thing called the White Party. Turns out it was a smashing success and Mr. Boyer has gathered the team together to do it again. So Saturday the 25th join the three of us at Room 960 for the White Party once again. Its going to be good, packed night and btw dress in white… unless you happen to be Daddy Charles, then wear all black to the White Party.

DanceCast Episode 26

The Sheep 

Episode 26 is out now. This mix is a set of mine that was recorded live on 02/07/09 at Room 960 in Hartford, CT. A large group of crazy Rusians took over the dancefloor that night and we had a blast. Things got wild and this mix is all really all over the place.

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I love piano rolls and step sequencers as much as the next guy, but Elysium adds a new dimension and inspiration to MIDI sequencing. Its a hex grid of notes using the harmonic table, and it allows you to do crazy things like generate a token shoot it across the table, and have it refract in a whole bunch of different places.

Check out CDM for a description from someone who can explain better, or a video after the jump.

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iTunes Power Tips #3

So you may or may not know by now that I write a series of popular blogs for the digital DJing site DJ Tech Tools. I just wanted to let you know that part 3 of my series on managing you tracks collection with iTunes was posted today.

Check it out if you get a chance. The are some really good iTunes tips.

Discretion @ The Hotel

Discretion @ The Hotel

Over the last few years I’ve been slowly building momentum, buying time, and preparing for the right opportunities when they decided to present themselves. Now I think I may have finally found the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. So starting Saturday, March 21st I’m moving my “Discretion” night to Club Windsor’s [formally Club 91] which is ten minutes from Hartford and attached to a very nice hotel.

I want you all to know I have heard your gripes about clubland, and they have not fallen on deaf ears. You don’t like expensive covers, and drink prices that cost just as much. You don’t want to deal with dress codes. Your tired of paying to park and still having to worry about your car. You miss the old days and the community we once had. Now with Discretion we’re going to take things in a new direction and I think you’ll like what I’ve secured for us:

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Kick Fire Ant Butt

So for the last few days I’ve been down is southwest Florida, looking at property in Naples. The local radio station has an advertisement for Antstop Orthene Fireant Killer, because there is apparently a lot of them down here. The radio commercials are absolutely hilarious and I was able to find a couple on the net to share with you:

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