MixVibes Cross Review

French company Mixvibes sent me a copy of there most recent product, and I reviewed it for DJ Tech Tools. You can check out the review here.

DanceCast Episode 30

Mike C. at 960 04/25/09

Episode 30 of the DanceCast is now available. This mix is Mike Charles live from the White Party at Room 960 in Hartford, CT on 04/25/09
The White Party is the annual event in Hartford that I play with Kristina Sky and Randy Boyer. This is my opening set from that night.

Duration: 67:19

1. Don’t Call Me Baby [The Dronez / Madison Avenue
2. Tell U Y [Disco 09 Re-Flip] / ATFC
3. Dancing On The Stars [Paco Osuna Bass Edit] / Gimikk
4. Texi / Sharam
5. Seven Nation Army [House Mix] / White Stripes
6. Higher State of Consciousness / Josh Wink
7. Penthouse Bitch [12 Inch 80'S / Kid Dub & Dextress
8. Yin / Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve
9. Flash [Timo Maas' Dirty Dub] / Green Velvet
10. Wake Turbulence / Koen Groeneveld
11. Question / Adam K & Soha
12. Surface Reborn (Quivver Remix) / Jay Lumen Feat Panoptic
13. Unknown [Ricksick Mix] / Eric Laville & J.M. Sicky


Its no secret that I love Apple computers. For the last 1 1/2 years I’ve been faithfully using my 15 inch Macbook Pro, which has served me well. But last week Apple upped the ante by transforming their 13 inch offering into a Macbook Pro. I never owned a powerbook, but always figured it would have been sweet to have one of those fabled 12 inch models. Well this is the modern day equivilent.

The unibody degin was cool when it first came out, but the guts were esentially the same as before. Obviously I need a fairly powerful machine for perforing live with, and my 2.2 ghz MBP did that very well, but I have been wanting a smaller machine ever since I first bought my wife a 13 inch white macbook last year. Now i get the best of both worlds. At 2.26 ghz the entry level 13 inch MBP is actually faster than my current 15 incher. Firewire was brought back after a brief exile, which I love, and the non-removable battery shows crazy performance ungrades when compared with previous models.

I ordered one right way and let me tell you it is awesome. On day one I transfered all my stuff to the new one via time machine back up and cracked the case to install 4GB of Crucial ram. Apple still charges too much for ram, although the price isn’t as crazy as before, and I’ve always had good experiences with Crucial. Since then its been great.

I’ve even put the old one up on ebay. If you are in the market for a lovingly used 15 inch MBP, you can check it out here.

Selective Saturdays

Selective Saturdays


As promised, here is the info on the new gig I’ve been working on for the summer. Starting this Saturday, June 6th I will be playing twice a month at the new Windsor’s Lounge @ the Bradley Hotel in Windsor Locks. The Club, which is 10 min north of Hartford, has been remodeled from the ground up and I’ve been brought in to complete the experience at the new elite club in the area. I want everyone to come and check out my new digs, so I’ve worked with the management to secure a bunch of promotions to sweeten the deal:

No Cover Charge – Free entry for everyone!
Half Price on All Top Shelf Liquor.
Half Price on All Bottle Services.
$89 Dollar Hotel Room for Everyone who comes – No having driving home!
VIP packages available including bottle and a hotel room.
A Large, Safe, Free parking lot.

383 South Center St.
Windsor Locks, CT

… and just in case that isn’t enough, I’m bring Kyle Rayner, winner of this year’s Connecticut DJ competition, with me to open up the decks.