DanceCast Episode 42


Today’s mix is a quick one I did full of Progressive Tech House track I’ve recently come across.

I’m blogging on a regular basis again fo head over to and don’t forget to leave us a review in iTunes.

Duration: 34:49

1. Cala A Boca (Meat Katie Remix) / D-Nox And Beckers
2. Slap / Umek
3. Lambda Driver / Mak N Tek
4. Life Of Nite /Mak N Tek
5. Death By House [A. Mochi Remix] / Len Faki
6. Drop / Ascion & D Carbone

A&H Xone 2D Drivers Updated!


This one may save you a headache if you use any of Allen & Heath’s Xone Midi Controllers.

Any of you who care know that I use an A&H Xone 2D as my primary Traktor Pro controller with great effect. In preparing for my AZ gig next week, I’ve been refining the midi map in Traktor. In long practice sessions, TP would stop recognizing the midi controller and quitting TP would cause a kernel panic in OS X. As I’m sure you can imagine, this concerned me greatly with a big gig coming up next week. I first updated TP to the latest 1.2.4 version, which did not help. I realized that 3 weeks ago I upgraded to 10.6 Snow Leopard so I decided to check out the Xone website and sure enough, there are new drivers for 10.6.

Removing the old drivers and replacing with the new ones appears to have rectified the situation. Also FYI for those of you still using the borg OS, there appear to be new Windows 7 drivers as well.


I’m going to make an effort to start blogging and podcasting with more regularity again. I know for the last 6 months things have been spotty at best, but the truth is “real world” pressures have just caught up with me. Moving from Connecticut to Florida was more difficult that I expected, and once I got down here I didn’t exactly take to my new surrounding like a duck in water. Adapting to a new area after living my entire life within a 15 mile radius of Bridgeport, CT was more difficult that I thought it would be. Compounding the situation were the holidays which were right around the corner. Christmas made me miss my family very much, more than had anticipated. It hurt. I figure I’ve always been adaptable and resilient and this wouldn’t be a big deal. Turns out, I’m human after all.

In addition to being mentally drained, my new job is demanding more of my time than ever before. The end result has left me worn out, in a creative rut, and without as much desire to plow forward as usual. I would like to publically thank Mike Hindle and DJ Airty for continuing to contribute great mixes to the DanceCast while I regroup and try to regain my old form. Both are spectacular DJs with extremely different styles, but most importantly they are good at what they do.

This whole ordeal has been a tough pill to swallow for someone who is very demanding and constantly putting pressure on himself, but I taking a step back and accepting things for what they are. I think I’m starting to work my way out of this funk, and hopefully I’ll be back in full swing soon. Maybe this gig out in AZ will jump start the process.

A big thank you goes out to those of you who have stuck around, and continued to be a great inspiration to me.


So I’ve talked about Phoenix, AZ in the past. Typically it’s because of a gig, or the live podcasts came from that gig. I’ve got some promoter friends out that on occasion, fly me out there and give me the pleasure of playing for there totally awesome crowd. So on January 30th I am headed out there once again. It’s going to be cool. They’ve got a healthy and lively rave scene out there and the last time I was out there it was spectacular. While this may seem like a late announcement, it’s actually been up on the events page for some time now, but I know that many of you don’t check it. If you are going to be in the Phoenix area, drop me a line and I’ll get you to the show.