This is a day I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading for a long time but knew would eventually come when I decided to set out on making my own music. Looks like today is the day. Below you’ll find two tracks I’ve decided to finally release out into the wild. I think you’ll find they might not exactly be what you would expect from me. Its not what i was expecting either, but its what ended up coming out and I went with.

Please give them a listen when you have a chance. Feedback and comments are welcome. If anyone is interested in a free promo copy of either track, email me and I’ll send you a high quality mp3 version.

-Mike Charles

Equilibrium Concept by Mike_Charles

Aceldama by Mike_Charles

DanceCast Episode 52

In a departure from the usualy craziness that is Hindle, our DanceCast UK brings us “outside” a mix you might here at a festival on the other side of the pond. Be on the look out for “inside” next month., which I believe wil be the musical equivilent of an Alien Moose takeover. Do they have moose in England?

Duration: 54:51

1. Huskey Rescue – The Are Coming (Warrior One Remix)
2. Foals – Spanish Sahara (George Lenton Remix)
3. Totla T – Sky Surfing (Douster Remix)
4. Thunderheist – Drive In (Drop The Lime’s B-Live Remix)
5. Nas and Damian Marly – As We Enter (Foamo Remix)
6. Leni Ward – Opening Doors (Warrior One Remix)
7. RadioKillaZ – Forever
8. Rip Groove / Bang (Mike Hindle’s ‘Who Ate All The Bananas’ Edit)
9. Baobinga and I.D – Man Down
10. SHM – One (Pete Jordan Remix)
11. Dirty Super Car – Get A Grip (Maximillan Remix)
12. Teki Latex – Dinosaurs With Guns (Tambour Battant Remix)
13. Shazalakazoo – Riddle Of The Fiddle
14. Mark Ronson feat Q Tip and MNDR – Bang Bang Bang (SBTRKT Remix)
15. BYOB Vs J Majik and Wickaman – Save My Life (Linton Brown Dubstep Remix)
16. Kastle – Better Off Alone