This was a really interesting documentary I found on The Prodigy through Synthtopia. It centers on their subliminal messages, marketing, and influences. Its a 50 minute 4 part youtube. Well worth the watch.

DanceCast Episode 74

This weekends guest needs little introduction. Austin based producer Dubbel Dutch has, in little less than 2 years earned a huge reputation as one of the most exciting producers on the planet.

Since the Trollsta EP on Palms Out Sounds back in October 2009, shit got crazy! Further releases and remixes on Nightshifters, Top Billin, Sound Pellegrino, Enchufada, Grizzly and SSSSS to name a few, have seen the production powerhouse propelled to the front line with fans around the world digging the crazy percussion and super heavy bass.

Ahead of the european tour, this mix is a taster of what a crazy night you’re in for if you’re lucky enough to make one of the dates.

Blänk – Do This Thing (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Dj Djeff & Maskarado – Elegom Bounsa
Odiggity – Duck Hunt
Vybz Kartel – Half On A Baby (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
NKC – Err’thing
Dubbel Dutch – Hymn
Sam Tiba – Zig Zag
Dubbel Dutch – Pro-Poppa
Dubbel Dutch – Open Up
Nehuen – Intriga (Arcade Remix)
Mario Cambell – Equator Riddim Instrumental
MoonDoctoR – Swag on Pluto
Rizzla – Battyboy Bleeding in the Dark
Unknown Club
Larry McCormick – Escape
DJ Dodger Stadium – Eastside Clap
DJ Soulja-Man – Eski-Tech
Blackjack – Nang
DS1 – Stuck in the Machine
J.G. – Inter-Galactic Warfare
Clicks & Whistles – Can’t Believe
Cru – Oh
Dubbel Dutch – B Leave
Massacooramaan – Wijd (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Pac Div – Anti-Freeze (Instrumental)
Rizzla – Hollup Hoes Around the World
Krampfhaft – I Needed You
Spoek Mathambo – Drunk Like That ft. Vortex (Sonora Remix)
Wheez-ie – Keep Yer Chin Up
Meek Mill – House Party (Instrumental)
Unknown Bubbling

DanceCast Episode 73

We heard from London based producer Major Notes in the week, and now here is his mix, made exclusively of Major Notes tracks and remixes, a first for the IA mix series. UK funky to soulful house, it’s all in there. The perfect soundtrack to what could be the last hot and sunny weekend of the year.

PRN (premium rate number)
Heartbreaker- Mstrkrt ft John legend (Major Notes remix)
Eyes on you
Heartbeat ft Lisa Lee
Make you mine – Hypnotic vs MIschief Makers ft D’Amore (Major Notes remix)
Friend if mine ft. Mellody
Regular lover ft. Mellody
Troublesome ’11 (Major notes remix)
Aural viagra
Sick ‘ed
Holy ghost

DanceCast Episode 72

We heard about a new sound they are producing and this got us excited. If the opening 2 tracks, both Octa Push remixes are anything to go by then it’s a welcome change. Not a huge change either, the crazy percussion is still going on, the bass is still shaking the house down, and there is the added garage influence to round off the new path they are taking us down.

The rest of the mix takes us through many of bass music’s sub genres, at only half an hour long they manage to get 16 tracks in there showcasing the duo’s current sound, which also manages to switch the bpm’s right up for a full on mad finale.

If this is a taster of what we can expect from the 2012 album then we cant wait to get our hands on it.

Youthless – Monsta (Octa Push Remix)
Hypno – Dilemma (Octa Push Remix)
Magnum – Juracan (Randomer Remix)
Mickey Pearce – What’s Mickey Talkin’ About
Graphics – Wiping The Eye
Baobinga & Randomer – Crom2
Addison Groove – Fuck Tha 101
Instra:mental – Thomp
Slackk – Fire Flies
Kush Arora – Wid Dem ft Lady Chann
Count & Sinden – Roll Out (Kalbata remix)
Sarantis – Militant ft Parly B
Wiley – Igloo (Murlo Refix)
Stereotyp – Jukebox
Octa Push – Making Waves (dub) vs Maluca – El Tigeraso
Batida – Alegria (Octa Push Remix)